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Q: What size whole house water heater will I need?
A: Depends on where you live, click on this sizing map link to determine the size required for your area.

Q: Why should I trade in my Tank water heater for a Tankless?
A: By replacing your tank with a tankless heater you can enjoy the benefits of saving up to 60% of your hot water heating bill. This is possible because the only time the tankless water heater is turned on is when someone turns on the hot water faucet. Enjoy an endless supply of hot water. Currently your tank water heater is stored either within a closet, underneath your air conditioner, or inside a utility closet taking up space. Tankless water heaters hang on the wall like a picture frame.

Q: How many tankless water do I need to buy to replace my tank water heater?
A: In most cases just one tankless water heater will replace your tank water heater.

Q: What made my tank water heater fail?
A: Hard water ! 90% of water heater failures are due to hard water, see hard water map. 90% of the US has hard water. Hard water only becomes a problem to water appliances such as wash machines dishwasher and water heaters when it comes in contact with hot water. This is why you will see white calcium hard water spots on shower door, dishes, faucets, shower heads and more! Hard water costs you and your family $100's of dollars in appliance repair cost every year. 


Q: Do Tankless warranties cover damage to hard water?
A: No! Hard water kills all water appliances including water heaters, dishwashers,wash machines,faucets,shower heads, ice makers, sprinkler heads and more.  All tank & tankless warranties will not cover damage due to hard water. In order to prolong the life of any water heater we always recommend a water filter for any water heater, tank or tankless. View our water filters.


Q: I have a whole house salt water softener will a tankless water heater work will my salt water softener?

A: Yes, keep in mind salt causes corrosion to everything it comes in contact with including water pipes. Also keep in mind salt removes calcium from water. Calcium is important to good bone health. Salt also increases blood pressure which is bad for your health.


Q: Why should I buy a tankless water heater verses a tank water heater?
A: 1. Tankless water heaters will never run out of hot water, i.e.; you could leave you hot water faucet on for 24 hours a day and never run out of hot water.

A: 2. Tankless water heaters will save you up to 60% on your hot water heating cost.

A: 3. Tankless water heaters don't store water unlike tank water heaters, avoiding massive flooding do to leaks caused by hard hot water corrosion eating away at the bottom of the tank water heater, causing water leaks that causes massive damage throughout your home.

Q: I live in a large home, will tankless Heaters work for my entire home?
A: Yes, the Ultimate Performer series can handle any size home from 300 sf to 5000 sf and up with no problems at all.


Q: I live in Canada, is your tankless water heaters CSA approved?
A: Yes,The Ultimate Performer and Basic Plus Series are CSA approved.

Q: Can you run 2-3 showers at the same time?
A: Yes, when using the whole house tankless water heaters.

Q: I live in an extremely cold climate in the winter, will your tankless water heater work in my area?

A: Yes! Our whole house Ulltimate Performer series will work in any climate, we have many customers that live in Alaska & Canada and they do an excellent job and provide more than enough hot water.

 Q: If I install a whole house tankless water heater, can I expect to have instant hot water at all my faucets and showers?

 A: Not instantly. Just like your tank water heater it will still takes the same amount of time for the hot water to your faucets, just like it always has. Our heaters provide constant flow of hot water at the desired temperature. To get "instant" hot water at every faucet you need to purchase our under the sink mini series water heaters.


Q: DoTankless water heaters need an exterior vent?
A: Yes and No. Our electric Tankless water heater do not require venting. Our gas tankless water heaters do. 

Q: How many gallons of hot water per minute will it produce?
A: Up to 7 Gallons per minute but you will never need it. It's extremely unusual for any family to use over 3 gallons of minute at one time. The average faucet and shower run about 1 to 1-1/2 gallons per minute.

Q. I have been on other websites and have seen electric water heaters advertised for $20 to $30 less, how is this possible?

A. Buyer beware! Some of these sites don't have any phone numbers to contact them in case you have any questions. Most websites sell other items other than tankless water heaters and won't be knowledgeable about water heaters. Others will never answer the phone or keep you on hold forever. Some are here today and gone tomorrow. Other sites may sell you the wrong size water heater and work great in the summer time but won't provide you with hot enough water in the winter time. We have heard all of this before from customers that have been surprised and disappointed. We have been selling tankless water heaters for 12 years.Other sites are open only during the week and will not be there for you when you need them. Call us anytime at 1-888-995-8097.  We are open every day of the week from 9am to 11pm eastern time, giving you peace of mind we are here for you. We take pride in ourselves giving you the best customer service possible. Call us anytime if you have any questions.

Q: How do I make a purchase?

A: Two ways! Buy through our website by clicking on the buy now links under each item description or call 1-888-995-8097 to place your order over the phone.


Q: Can I pay using my debt card or credit card?

A:Yes, either debt or credit cards.

Q: How do I know when I make a purchase a tankless water heater site that my purchase is secured?
A. We use Square to process all of our credit card transactions. Square processes Thousand of credit card sales each day. Click on the following link to learn more about Square. More Info


Q Are tankless water heaters expensive?
A: Compare the features of any of our Tankless water heaters to any other water heaters on the market, our Tankless does the same thing that other tankless water heaters do at half the price.

Q: What is the warranty?

A: Varies by model, click on the following link to view the different warranties

     Basic Plus Series    Ultimate Performer


 Q: What are the power requirements?
Varies by series and model numbers. Click on the following links to view the power requirements. Basic Plus Series    Ultimate Performer Series


Q: How do tankless water heaters save money?

A: The only time the power is used is when someone turns on a faucet which ignites the heating elements in the tankless water heater. When the faucet shuts off it turns off the entire tankless water heater saving up to 60% on your hot water heating cost. At rest tankless water heaters don't use any energy at all. 

Q: What is the recovery time before someone can take the next shower?
A: Immediately! The hot water that comes out of Tankless water heater is instant unlike a regular hot water heater where you would have to wait for it to reheat, Tankess water heaters never runs out of hot water.

Q: What is the average hot water temperature in homes?
Hand washing & showers & baths are comfortable at 105°F.


Q: What is the average cold water faucet temperature in homes?
A: 55 degrees

Q: If the average incoming cold water temperature is 55 degrees what will be the temperature of the hot water using a whole house Tankless water heaters?
A: Up to 140 degrees! Keep in mind average temperature for bathing and washing hands is 105 degrees.Our Tankless Ultimate Performer and Basic Plus Series have built in LED thermostats which you can set between 80 to 140 degrees. Scalding begins at 128 degrees. The average temperature for washing hands and showering is 105 degrees. The average faucet produces 1.5 gallons per minute. The lower the gallons per minute the higher the hot water temperature will be.

Q: Is Tankless water heaters electric or gas?
A: Electric, if you need gas please click on the following link.  

Q: Will tankless water heaters work with my dishwasher?
A: Yes, If your dishwasher is 11 years old or newer it has it's own built in tankless water heater so no extra heating in necessary.

Q: Can I adjust the water temperature?
Yes! the Ultimate Performer and Basic Plus Series have built in LED thermostats which you can set between 80 to 140 degrees.


Q: Are tankless water heaters safe?
Yes! Tankless water heater are just as safe as any tank water 

Q: How does Tankless water heaters work?
A: Cold water enters the heating elements and within seconds hot water comes out. AreTankless water heaters incorporates new space age technology and features a faster and more accurate temperature sampling system, a manual thermostat and a new air/water deferential analyzing system to prevent dry starts, (which is a key problem for other tankless systems. Are Tankless water heaters high efficiency is in part due to its dedicated analog microprocessor that samples input and output temperatures 1,260 times per hour. This power control system analyzes the data and manages power usage for maximum efficiency and temperature stability. At rest, our tankless water heaters uses no power at all.


Q: Can I install the water heaters myself?
A: Yes and No! We always recommend that you hire a license professional. Many of our customers have installed our Tankless water heaters themselves. Failure to follow instructions line per line will void the warranty. Do not deviate from the instructions in anyway otherwise the warranty will be void. Customer is fully responsible for the installation & cost of the Tankless water heater. Installation cost is not refundable.

Q: Do you Tankless provide installers?
A: No, Just like a tank water heater that you buy at a local home improvement store you would have to hire a professional. The install is very similar to a Tank water heater installation. Install guide can be found on our web site by clicking on the link under the description of each tankless series page. Many of our customers ask the professionals to view the guide and then give them an estimate.


Q: What is your return policy?
A: All Tankless One water heaters are sold with a 10 day money back guarantee. Canceled orders are subject to a 30% cancellation fee. All water heater returns must include original box, parts wiring & instruction manuals, any missing parts will be deducted from your refund amount. Refunds will be issued 7 to 10 business days after we receive the returned water heater. When returning an item to a local store the store won't pay for your gas to and from your home and we will not pay for shipping cost for you to return a item to us. Customer is fully responsible for the installation & cost of the water heater. Installation cost is not refundable.

Q: Do you have any brochures?
A: No, in order to keep the price low our Tankless water heaters we don't have any brochures. All pages on this web site are printable and can be used as brochures.

Q: How much is shipping?
A: Free US ground shipping is available for a limited time! Takes (2 to 6 business days not counting the day of your order) 3 to 4 days priority shipping averages $100. Express 48-72 hour service averages $200. Dollars. Please add 1 to 2 days to the estimated delivery time during holidays. All orders are processed next business day.


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