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Scale Killer Magnetic Water Conditioners

Check out your area on the map to see how hard your water is.

Prolong the life of all of your water appliances. Keep in mind hard water kills water appliances including water heaters, dishwashers,wash machines, faucets & shower heads and more! Water appliance warranties will not cover part damage due to hard water.  Appliance repair can cost you and your family $100's of dollars every year.

Hard water causes permanent white limescale build-up on faucets, shower heads, glass shower doors, tubs, water heaters, dishwasher, wash machines, fountains and more. It eventually reduces the water flow and in extreme cases, puts water-using appliances out of service and clogs pipes. We actually seen water pipes blocked off completely from white limescale build-up.

Hard water results from high levels of calcium and magnesium
in the water supply. While studies show drinking hard water doesn't pose a safety issue, it will present problems that can be frustrating and costly for homeowners.

In laundry, hard water causes clothes to look dingy, dulls colors and gives whites a grey or yellow appearance. Overtime, hard water can damage fabric fibers and shorten the life of clothes by up to 40%.

Washing dishes, glassware and silverware in hard water causes spots and an unsightly cloudy coating - even more so when cleaned in dishwashers because the minerals from hard water are released faster when in contact with hot water.

Bathing in hard water leaves a film of sticky soap residue leaving skin dry and itchy. The residue left on washed hair can make it dull, dry and hard to manage.

Eliminate hard water in your home. Choose one of the Scale Killer magnetic water filters below.

Scale Killer Water Conditioners

No Filters to change! No maintenance! 

Our Scale Killer magnetic water conditioners are used for apartments, condos offices, homes & commerical appliacations.

Scale Killer water conditioner are  an economical non-chemical way to treat water in your home and get all the benefits and characteristics of soft water. All of our Water conditioners are the permanent healthy solution to your hard water problems.

We are the industry leader of the natural water softeners/ conditioners industry and has helped improve water quality in 1000's of applications in the United States and abroad. Installation is a snap, just 4 hex screws.

Our water conditoners don't have any moving parts, never wears out and requires no external power. The system pays for itself in no time at all.

Enjoy all the luxurious and healthy benefits using Our Scale Killer Water Conditioner:

Normally, calcium deposits will dissolve in 2-4 weeks. The inside of heavily scaled old plumbing will require additional time to totally dissolve this thick build-up. Since each geographic area has a different mineral composition, each application has different hard water scaling properties. As a result, the must be installed for a period of 90 days so that it may properly solve each unique hard water situation.

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