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Customer Testimonials

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

Our Atmor tankless water heater has paid for itself many times over by helping reduce our power consumption and save on energy costs.

"John F. - Little Rock, AR"

We have 5 rental units, we pay the utilities. Our old tank water heater flooded the whole apartment, luckly the insurance company covered everything so we bought a new tankless from Atmor tankless. Can't believe the difference in the electric bill verses the tank water heater, now saving about $25 per month! Tenant loves it too because they now have the extra space to store things where the old tank water heater was. Can't wait to change the other tank units out for the tankless. Thank you Atmor tankless!

"Linda M - San Deigo, CA"

Bought the Atmor basic plus 16, pulled it out of the box and said to myself no way this little water heater is going to work for my entire house, I was amazed! it worked great! To this day it just keeps on working like the day I installed it.

"Bob P. - Yuma, AZ"

My friend showed me his new Atmor tankless and told how much he liked it so I bought one. We live in Michigan so we were told we needed the Ultimate Performer 24 which is the same one my friend has. Everday I marvel at how well it works. Had daughters wedding, many family members in from out of town, stayed at the house all weekend and we never ran out of hot water. Great product! Thanks Atmor tankless.

"Barry B. - Holland, MI"

We have a park model home and the little 20 gallon tank water heater, it keeps on running out of hot water. We didn't have room for a bigger tank and our electric panel box will not support a tankless water heater so iheat recommended the basic shower head tankless model, took my old shower head off and replaced it with the tankless shower head, we never run out of hot water. Will reccomend iheat to my friends and family members.

"Fred P. - Blyte, CA"

Our family lives in a 4 bath home in northern, Wisconsin so we purchase the Ultimate Performer model 27.Love the digital thermostat which we leave set at 110 degrees. Our old tank use to run out of hot water after our family took 2 showers in a row, now we no longer have that problem, thanks to Atmor tankless

"Bob M. - Hayward, WI"

My wife dosen't like waiting for hot water to wash her face so I bought her the Atmor under the sink model. She now has hot water within seconds. Wife is happy which makes me happy. Peace at last.

"Richard M. - Atlanta, GA"

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