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Atmor Tankless Sale! Ends Soon. 

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1. Save 60% on your hot water heating cost.

2. Never run out of hot water.

3. Highest effiency rating (99%)

4. Space saving. Hangs on the wall like an picture frame.

5. Life expectancy is more then 20 years.

6. Digital thermostat, set at exact desired temperature.


You wouldn't let your car run idle wasting gas when you aren't driving it, so why let your water heater waste energy when you aren't using hot water.

With Atmor™ tankless water heaters you only pay for hot water when you turn on your hot water faucet. By heating water only as it is needed tankless water heaters eliminates the need for bulky water heaters that heat water continuously. This can reduce hot water costs up to 60% over conventional water heaters. At rest, Atmor™ Tankless heaters use no power at all.

Atmor™ Tankless water heaters is ideal for a wide range of applications. One Atmor™  Tankless water heater can supply the hot water needs of homes, apartments and commercial buildings. In some applications, energy saving can pay back unit cost in less than one year.

Installation is quick and easy.The compact size allows installation almost anywhere.
Atmor™ Tankles water heater is without a doubt the Tankless Water Heater for the 21st century. Have questions, click on this link view Models
House -Apartments - Condominiums - Beauty Salons - Hospitals - Boats - Laboratories - Campers - Offices - Schools - Cottages - Restaurants - Barber Shops - Warehouses. Anywhere hot water is needed.

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